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Beach Condition Pictures

Beach Conditions Since Hurricane Michael 
Below is a gallery of images taken Post Hurricane Michael. These pictures are of our Cape San Blas Beaches. We are continuously uploading new  pictures. Look for captions that say "2019" to signal new pictures. You can also find all of our homes as well as reviews since the hurricane here:
There is a mixture of updated pictures across all of our online resources. 

Most of our homes pictures on individual pages on our website are now updated. Check the caption for to determine if the photo is pre or post Hurricane Michael. If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help.  

Thank you for your patience. 

All homes are already up and running!
Find reviews of our homes HERE
Each home now has at least two reviews since the hurricane! 
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We are Open for Business!

It's time to support the continuing recovery effort

Check out a list of open Gulf County Businesses updated by the TDC HERE!
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Hurricane Michael dealt us a blow, but we have made huge strides in the recovery process in a short time. We look forward to having our extended family return to the Cape! 

Give us a all or E-mail
to hear more about the recovery effort or book your stay

While the Hurricane devastated a lot of our county and neighboring counties Cape San Blas was very lucky. We are bouncing back quicker than we ever could have imagined. Our landscapes are changed forever, but the things that guests have always come here for are still here. We still have beautiful white sand beaches, the best sunsets of the panhandle, and emerald waters. The people are friendlier than ever and are ready to welcome you back to your paradise on earth. 

Here are a few resources so that you can be in the know:
Follow Gulf County's Journey through the VisitGulf.com
List of Businesses that are open through the VisitGulf.com or Our Webpage
Video of Cape San Blas, FL from 1/13/19 
Video of Cape San Blas, FL from 1/29/19
Happy Cabana's has been doing many video updates on Facebook
Progress Video of the road construction at the Rock Wall on CSB Road. 4/25/19
Progress Video of the road construction at the Rockwall on CSB Road. 6/5/19

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